Our Move to Vernon via Texas & Forida

okanagan lake

In late 2015 my husband, three kids and I, made the move from Forida to Vernon, Canada. My name is Georgia Maddock and this is my story.

Having been born and raised in Tallahassee, FL a small town in north west Florida, I met my husband Gary in 1983. At the time we met he was studying to become a real estate agent while I was still attending university at U of F for nursing. After graduating with my degree in 1987 I immediately got a job and worked in the hospital in Tallahassee while Gary grew his real estate company.

round top texas real estate agencyIn 2009 when the economic crash happened in the US, it hit us exceptionally hard. Having 2 kids at the time we were forced to sell our home and move to Texas. My husband was particularly impacted by this considering he had to pack up his already successful Tallahassee real estate agency and start again in Texas while also having to reeducate himself on real estate laws of Texas.

Once we’d moved in to our new home in Texas I immediately set out to find work in the health sector like I was back in Florida. After months of searching I had to accept that Texas wasn’t at all like back home in Florida and that finding work would be difficult.

After sitting down with my husband we decided it would be best for me to get my realtor license and join my husbands brokerage.

I got my real estate license and immediately began working in Gary’s office in Round Top.

Round Top became our home and during the time we would spend there, our real estate business would thrive.

In 2014 Gary’s aunt Bunny would pass in Canada and with no children, Gary was named her heir. It was then we would find that Gary’s aunt had left him a beautiful home on Okanagan Lake in Vernon, BC.

After a year or so of red tape we decided to take the family – now 3 kids – to Canada to live in the home of Gary’s aunt.

Here we are 3 years later and I can’t begin to express the joy of living in such a beautiful place like Vernon. I never imagined life could be so good. And coming from the southern States we love the 4 seasons here and even enjoy the winter months as much as the summer.

The kids too, all thoroughly enjoy their lives, friends, schools and everything else about here. Every day we wake up grateful for where we are and what we have as we look out over the Okanagan Lake hoping to see the world famous Ogopogo.