The 3 Attractions In Vernon That Are Good For The Kids

In every place we visit, there are a lot of attractions that we can go to. However, not all locations have child-friendly sights where the children can enjoy. If you are traveling with the kids, the best place to go is Vernon because of all the kids’ attractions where they can have a lot of fun. Here are the attractions that your children will love. Check it out and book the fun.

1.    Atlantis Water slides

Children love to play around with water and slides, and they can do both in Atlantis Water slides. It is the top destination for kids during summer where they can spend a whole day of unlimited fun. If you think that your child is still small to indulge on big slides, there is nothing to worry about because there are kiddie slides available just for the little ones. The place is also famous for the River Riot where the kids can ride and slide through the tubes.

2.    Planet Bee Honey Farm

It is a fun place to stop with your children. Aside from the fun, they will also learn a lot about the amazing facts about bees. They will see how the bees create the honey that they usually see in the supermarkets up close and personal. I’m pretty sure they will be ecstatic to see around ten thousand bees on the farm.

3.    Kelowna H2O Adventure & Fitness Center

Not all fun can be achieved in the outdoors because there is one perfect spot in Vernon where your children can enjoy even when they are indoors. “In Kelowna H2O Adventure & Fitness Center, they can still practice their water slide techniques as well as surfing simulation to get them ready for the real waves.” says Kelowna realtor Annette Denk

These are the top three kiddie attractions in Vernon. Bring your kids around and let them enjoy a great day of fun and adventure.