The Top 4 Dog Parks In Vernon Where Your Furry Friends Can Enjoy

If you are going out to take a little break or vacation, we often feel bad leaving our furry friends behind. If you will visit Vernon, there is nothing to worry about because the city does not only care for the people because they also put the pets into consideration. Check out the top dog parks in Vernon where you and your pet can have a lot of fun. Check it out.

1.    BX Ranch

It is an exceptional place to bring your canine friends. It is the place where dogs are all in harmony. You can be guaranteed that there are no mean dogs that will start a commotion. The area is large where your dogs can run freely in a forest ambiance with a bonus creek side attraction.

2.    Coldstream Creek Park

It is an open area in the middle of the road and a creek. There are picnic tables available where you can rest while giving your pets a great time to enjoy the wild. Large trees are present so your dogs can feel the nature.

3.    Gray Canal

A big part of the park is fenced, and it is available for people who are walking their dogs. However, there are a lot of individuals who use the walking trail by themselves without their adorable companions. The long trail will surely give your dog its needed exercise.

4.    Heritage Natural Park

It is an open area full of grass. The best thing about the park is that it is fully fenced so you can remove your dog’s leash and let them run to their heart’s delight. Once they have enough, there is nowhere to go but back in your lap.

Vernon is a beautiful place that is good for the people and animals as well. A Vernon real estate agent, Annette Denk says, “If you think of going out of town and you don’t want to leave your canine friends behind, drop by the city and the two of you can have a lot of fun.”